ooo "SHOE AND SEWING EQUIPMENT & Co", same as you, believes in revival of the light industry in Russia, which in the time of the former USSR gave 20% of the gross revenue of the country, produced shoes more than any country in the world, and won the second place in the production of textile and garment products. If we evaluate that production output in the form of money means with reference to the present-day of Russia we will get an additional multibillion component to the budget of Russia. Actually, the USSR was one of the leading world manufacturers of the light industry products exported successfully to developing countries of the world community. That industry was an important constituent part of the great power and indeed the USSR was once that great power. Russia has this huge potential in this industry which can be realized through considerable investments to this industry by the State and commercial organizations, or by foreign companies. Just at present there are some shoe and sewing companies operating successfully in this Russian market. Their names are well known and need no comments, i.e. JSC "RALF Ringer", JSC "Komplekt", the Rostov shoe manufacturers producing up to 50 % of overall footwear products of Russia and some other 200 shoe manufacturers producing successfully footwear and bringing real income from their production. In addition, sewing companies which are more numerous and which develop their business successfully. Many of them are well known brands even outside of Russia. However, the actual existing potential of Russia is far not exhausted.

Why did such drastic decline happen in the light industry of Russia in the 90th of the last century? Because, the Russian market, which was open for foreign shoe and clothing manufacturers, ruined literally all national factories which had to pay crippling taxes that time and all this made their products uncompetitive to the products of foreign manufacturers, especially of China. Who survived? Those who decided to not compete with China and started their own cloth and footwear manufacture of genuine European quality but at prices lower considerably as compared the prices of products produced by Europe or America. How did they achieve it? First of all, they did not import equipment from China with which one can produce footwear and clothing of inferior quality only, but they imported equipment from Europe and America that enabled them manufacture the products of the same European quality and of quality surpassing considerably quality of Chinese products. Those companies got well established in the Russian market and they compete successfully at present with the world-famous footwear and cloth manufacturers. They have got a reliable economic niche and a great demand of the customers for their products.

To our regret many Russian producers cannot afford to buy world class equipment made in Italy, Germany or USA because of the high price. Such factories produce clothes and shoes of poor quality and lose in competition with China and they are doing business in a sad state. The goal of our Company is to make equipment of the best world quality more affordable in the Russian market. To attain this goal OOO "SHOE AND SEWING EQUIPMENT & Co" has established a joint venture with the largest European supplier of shoe and sewing equipment. Together we can deliver equipment to Russia at our special prices which will be lower than the prices of the European and American shoe and sewing equipment manufacturers. Moreover, the prices of the spare parts will be much lower too and consequently expenses on technical maintenance of equipment will be less. Besides, we have some particular offers for the buyers of our equipment. We guarantee our individual approach to each our customer and do not strive for maximum profit from sales. We strive for well-being of your company and we will pull all our efforts for your well-being because our prosperity will depend on the prosperity of your company. We hope for our long-term mutually beneficial co-operation. We will render you full technical support at your production at all stages of co-operation and we will deliver you any equipment and spare part on our best terms and conditions that our competitors fail to offer you. Our highly qualified specialists who got experience at the leading shoe and sewing factories as well as the Italian and German technical personnel will render you assistance you can receive nowhere in Russia.

We wish success to our joint business for the good of Russia! Personnel of OOO" SHOE AND SEWING EQUIPMENT  & Co"

Sincerely Yours,

Alexey Filippoff

Director General,