We will deliver you any equipment on our best conditions:

  Cutting presses; Sole attaching presses; Heel seat and side lasting machines; Sewing machines; Edge flanging and skiving machines; Roughing and polishing machines; Counter moulding machines; Toe puffs attaching machines; Bootleg crimping machines; Rotary coupling machines for thermoadhesive materials; Wamp crimping machines; Marking machines; Cement reactivating machines for opanka soles; Refrigerators; Dryers; Hot steaming machines; Ironing modules; Double-thread lockstitch sewing machines for opanka soles; Injection moulding machines; Quilting machines; 3D printing machines for fast prototyping for maquettes production; Many other machines.At receiving equipment from us, you also receive:

Machines, equipment and spare parts for PFAFF, Durkopp Adler, Mec-Val, CERIM, ATOM, COMELZ, IRON FOX, NEVE, Silpar, Sagitta, Sicomec, Torti, ELETTROTECNICA B.C., FALAN, SIGMA, Matic, Mantovani, BIMA, ELVI,COSMOPOL, Stern, Banf, INTERCOM, Ginev, C.M.C.I., CIUCANI MOCASSINO MACHINERY, LAVAREDO, OMAC, Raschioni, Alberti, Adler, etc.


1. Guarantee service for one year, post-guarantee service, toll-free technical support for the lifetime of equipment.

2. Consumable materials and spare parts for delivered equipment from our warehouse in Moscow with 20% discount - always.

3. Training of your operators at our show room.

4. Edited maintenance instructions in the Russian and English languages.

5. Training and technical support from our technicians. In addition to the above we offer you: Complete rebuilding of your equipment by the engineers and technicians of the manufacturers of equipment in Italy.